Executives Optimizing Social Media During COVID-19

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Managing crises has always been an integral part of leadership roles, but in today’s digital world, a new responsibility has emerged: leadership through social media. In this blog post, I analyzed three executives’ social media presences to uncover how COVID-19 has impacted their leadership and communication strategies online.

How to Communicate Your Brand’s Personality Online

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Given that 71% of consumers are more likely to share brands that they have an emotional connection with, establishing your tone and voice online is incredibly important. This is a blog post I wrote for social media agency Flagship Social.

Exceptional Volunteer Service Recognized at Annual Events

Red Cross of Central Florida

Nurse Assistant Training Program Emphasizes the Art of Caregiving

Red Cross of Central Florida

FTC May Tighten Regulations for Influencers

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Tighter regulations for sponsored posts are on the horizon. See how the impending FTC crackdown could affect both influencers and consumers in my blog post for Flagship Social.

“Prepare with Pedro” Teaches Young Children Home Fire Safety

Red Cross of Central Florida

This is a news article detailing the importance of fire safety and a summer camp that teaches this to young children.

CAMPUS VOICES: Be mindful of who is benefiting from your service

Elon News Network

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